Not making the most of the house

Not making the most of the house

Another very frequent mistake in selling a house without contacting an agency is not knowing how to make the most of the house.  The first impression is essential, so the real estate announcement must be prepared with care and professionalism

What are the main risks of creating a private ad?

First of all, many do not take into account that different people have different needs so that an aspect that for us can be seen as favorable for others can be a disadvantage.

When you write the text of an ad, to make the most of your home, you must first of all put the needs of the target you want to sell to first by creating an engaging text designed for your audience.

Furthermore, private individuals often do not give due prominence to the visual aspect of the advertisement. Photographs are the business card of your property and must be taken by professionals.

Low-quality photos can drive away interested potential buyers and increase the risk of failing to sell. Even upstream, before taking photos, the house must be prepared in the right way to be valued.

It is necessary to clean it, arrange it, eliminate excessive objects, create the right brightness and highlight the strengths.

Many visits and no sales

Another risk in selling a house without a real estate agency is that of being able to get many visits but then not concluding the sale. This is because it is not possible to create a filter to identify the right people and therefore the risk is that of wasting time showing the house to those who will not be able to buy it from the outset.

Potential buyers must not only be interested in the property but must also meet a series of requirements: the ability to apply for a mortgage, the ability to bear accessory costs, and actually be ready to purchase a home.

Low visibility of the ad

To let potential customers know about your property, you need to choose the right channels with which to give visibility to your ad. Being able to make your ad visible to the target audience is not as simple as it seems.

Even if there are many sites for selling a home by private individual , these portals are saturated with announcements and usually give space mainly to agency announcements and in any case to paid announcements.

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