Staging Your Home To Increase Its Appeal

Staging Your Home To Increase Its Appeal

If you are looking to sell your home and want to get it sold as quickly as possible, you need to make sure the house is well presented. There is a term used for the process of preparing a home so that it appears attractive to potential buyers: staging.

The Definition of Staging Your Home

The first step to staging your home is understanding what it is. Staging refers to the process of organizing and preparing a house for sale in a way that best showcases its features, benefits and value. Staging also refers to the simple act of moving existing furniture to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a house. Click here to read more.

The Benefits of Staging A Home

Staging helps set a seller’s house apart from those on the market, encouraging buyers to make an offer on it. In fact, sellers who stage often increase their home’s value by thousands of dollars. Staging is also cost effective, making it a great option for many sellers.

The Types of Staging

There are typically three types of staging:

An in-depth, comprehensive type of staging requires significant time and effort. In addition to cleaning and organizing a house, sellers who opt for an in-depth type of staging usually replace much of their furniture and design elements as needed. This type of staging can cost over $10,000. However, it is often the most effective option for sellers.

Other Types of Staging

Another type of staging is called creative staging. Creative staging consists of the standard and in-depth types of staging, but also includes other ways to use change to your advantage. For instance, creative sellers might take a box, fold it into an L shape, and use that to hold a chandelier. The effect is that buyers are more drawn to the house because they find it more appealing than other houses that do not use their space as strategically as yours does.

Staging Your Home for Sellers

The best sellers are those who are proactive in their house staging process. The majority of sellers who stage their homes do so well in advance of their planned move. This goes for both in-depth and creative types of staging. As soon as possible, these sellers will start planning how they want the home to look when it is being staged. They will consider many aspects that influence the look of a house, including things like light, color schemes, artwork and furniture placement.

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