Buying a commercial property with leasing: advantages

Buying a commercial property with leasing: advantages

We have already explored the topic of real estate leasing which can be a convenient solution in various cases when you intend to buy a home. There may be numerous reasons which make this type of transaction advantageous and which lead us to prefer it to others and in particular to the classic purchase with a mortgage loan. The same applies if instead of buying a house you intend to buy a commercial space . So let’s see what the reference legislation provides in this case and what are the possible advantages Commercial real estate in Philadelphia.

Purchase of commercial property with leasing

Commercial real estate leasing is a financial type whose functioning is very similar to that of residential real estate leasing. The bank or in any case an intermediary finances the purchase, construction or renovation of the property and then leases it to the tenant – and possible buyer – who can use it, obviously upon payment of an agreed monthly fee indicated in the contract of leasing. The contract provides for an expiry date upon which the tenant must decide whether to redeem the asset– therefore realizing the purchase – whether to ask for an extension of the lease or whether to leave the property which in that case returns to the availability of the credit institution. In the event that the tenant decides to redeem the commercial property, he will have to pay the difference between the value of the property itself and the total already paid as monthly lease installments . This type of operation can be accessed not only by traders, but in general by operators  in every sector, for the realization of entrepreneurial activities of all kinds, from offices to studios and professional laboratories, accommodation, craft, industrial and much more.

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Leasing for the purchase of commercial or production and business properties is a solution that is frequently used for the many advantages that this solution entails. Here are the main ones:

The purchase of the asset takes place only at the end of the lease, therefore, for a period of time which may even be several years, the user is released from the burden of paying the entire value of the asset, unlike what happens in the case of taking out a mortgage.

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