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What should you consider while Selecting a Treat for Your Yorkie Puppies?

What should you consider while Selecting a Treat for Your Yorkie Puppies?

Individual Preference

As was already discussed, your dog chooses their preferred treats depending on their flavour and aroma. So, while choosing dog treats, their unique preferences play a huge role. No matter how delicious or costly the treat is, not every Yorkie puppy will enjoy it.

For instance, some dogs dislike the taste of chicken, while others detest peanut butter. It is therefore preferable to purchase a couple packets of any new treats before giving them to your dog to gauge their reaction. If you buy a lot and they decide to ignore it, your money will be wasted. Make sure your dog enjoys the treats if you plan to use them as a reward system, as well for them to feel driven in being rewarded.

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Sugar is not necessary for a decent Yorkie puppy treat. This is because dogs shouldn’t have sugar in their treats because they don’t need it. Sugar can only exacerbate health issues, and you don’t want them to develop diabetes or other illnesses at a later date. Additionally, you must avoid giving them any foods containing chocolate because even a small bit of it might cause vomiting, diarrhoea, or an upset stomach in your dog. Dogs will consume a treat as long as it smells pleasant to them. Since you can read the labels and conduct internet research on the contents, you, as the owner, should be the one to determine which brand works well for them.