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Excellent Reasons for Renting Wedding Gowns

Excellent Reasons for Renting Wedding Gowns

The concept is gaining popularity, so brides can now opt for the same convenience. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a dress they will only wear once, then paying to store it, looking for a place to store it, or trying to sell it after the wedding, brides can also rent their wedding dress.

Considerations before deciding to rent a wedding dress instead of buying one.

Remember that other brides have already worn the rented dress, so you won’t be wearing a new one. It will also eliminate the possibility that an heirloom dress will be passed on to your daughter or granddaughter. If that doesn’t bother you, renting a dress is the perfect option.

Start shopping early. You would do it anyway, but you may have fewer options for renting than buying. When you call boutiques, ask if they sell the complete set at a package price. It would be a shame to buy everything else that comes with the dress when it has to be returned.

As soon as you find a couple of boutiques or salons that rent out clothes, go and see what range they have and what dresses are available for rent. Once you find what you’re looking for, just like renting anything else, you must ensure the dress is available for you that day and not reserved for another bride.

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As with any lease agreement, read the agreement carefully, especially the fine print. Ensure there is a written guarantee that your dress will be ready a few days before your event, and check for any damages, cleaning fees, or late fees associated with renting a dress. Some rental locations may include cleaning in the rental price, while others may charge an additional fee. Therefore, if you have any questions, discuss them with the store management before signing.

Before making a final decision on where you are going to rent, make sure you understand their deposit or rental rate policy. Some stores may require payment upfront, while others may only require a deposit, which will be refunded minus shipping costs when the dress is returned.

And just like if you were shopping for a wedding dress, you may need to change the dress you want. Therefore, it is essential to check with the shop if they will alter the dress and, if so, if they charge an additional fee or if this fee is included in the gown rental singapore.


Be sure to weigh all the costs of renting a wedding dress versus buying a used one. You might be surprised that this will save you a little money in the long run, as it saves you a few inconveniences. After all, it might be cheaper to borrow a dress from a friend or buy a second-hand one if you’re not worried about wearing a second-hand one.